10 Reasons to Fall In Love With Jesus (for tweens)

February 14, 2013 in Give away,Nancy Rue

Happy Valentine’s Day moms. I heard the best advice yesterday about gift giving for this day–give something that you can do together. Great advice for your girls or your hubby or even your best friend.

Now, do you remember the girls’ club we have around here in the summer? Well, the first summer I took the girls through a Faithgirlz handbook that was awesome. The second summer we went through Nancy Rue’s Buddy Book. It was a great book that explored all relationships from parents to siblings to friends or boys as friends. It helped the girls open up and hopefully take some responsibility for their role in every relationship.

Nancy is back today with another reason your girls should fall in love with Jesus. Read Nancy’s words and then share them your girl. Have a great conversation.  Check out the whole series here.

Happy Valentine’s Week, Mothers of Mini-Women I’m jazzed to be spending part of it with you here on Pruning Princesses. Can’t tell you how much I appreciate ALL of you moms who are reading this. The eye-rolling and “Mo-om!” notwithstanding, you are still the most important influence in your tween daughter’s life. I hope you’ll share this with her:

For the mini-women:

A feature from the newly updated Faithgirlz Bible called “Is There a Little …(Ruth, Eve,etc. ) in You?”

Like most M-W’s, you’re probably way aware that the Valentine’s Day season is here, and you probably either love the cards, the candy, the frills – or you can’t wait for the thing to be over because it makes you so painfully aware of who DOESN’T like you! One being DOES like you. He loves you, in fact. He’s just waiting for YOU to fall in love with HIM. Why would you? In ten different posts, each one giving you a peek at a feature from the FaithGirlz Bible, we’re giving you a Reason To Fall In Love With JESUS. Here’s the eighth one.

Reason #8: Because Jesus always takes you back when you wander off. When you were a little kid (or maybe even now!) and you strayed from your mom or dad in Wal-Mart or someplace, they always took you back when you found them or they had to find you. I mean, right? They might have been mad at you, grounded you, took away your computer privileges, but they didn’t say, “Sorry, kid, but you aren’t ours anymore.” Can you even imagine that happening? Jesus is exactly like your parents only he leaves out the punishment. If you get sidetracked, forget to pray, whine about going to church, have a season where you and your friends are snarky to people – as soon as you realize you’ve wandered off, you can go straight back to Jesus and he’ll take you in. And continue to teach you. And you’ll wander away less and less. Ya gotta love how that works.

Faithgirlz Bible

Nancy Rue

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And if you missed it yesterday, don’t forget to enter Nancy’s giveaway for Bible’s including the Faithgirlz one, there will be adult and tween or teen winners.
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