Celebrating God Without Hallmark

August 21, 2013 in activities,Amber Beery

Everyone loves a good party! At least our family is a big fan!

While we have the typical birthday and Hallmark celebrations on our calendar each year, we have some extra ones, too. Celebrations that involve things like Vacation Bible School and Missions Conference at our church.

I suppose since my husband is a pastor, our kids don’t have much choice about going to those events. Maybe that’s why I try extra hard to make those events special. I want our children to burst with excitement as they see God work in this world.

So we turn these weeks into party weeks. We invite friends over for play dates and to go with us to VBS. We bring out the ice cream pail after an evening session at Missions Conference. We drink pop…at night. I suppose it might border on bribery. Then again, I think God designed us for celebration. (Just look at all the festivals in the Old Testament.)celebrations missions

Families celebrate. No doubt about it. We break out the chocolate for Valentine’s day. Cake for birthdays. Pizza for soccer championships. So why not celebrate the birth of a church in China? Why not celebrate a tribal group hearing about Jesus for the first time? Why not break out the root beer floats following an evening at VBS?

There’s no need to let Hallmark and culture dictate our family celebrations. God’s work is vastly more important and more exciting than Valentine’s Day or Halloween. I want my kids to know that. I want them to know that learning about God is amazing. And that I get excited about it!

My kids’ perception of life is greatly affected by my attitude, and if it takes a little ice cream and cookies or an extra trip to the park to convey my excitement about God and his work, then so be it!

Celebrate God! His goodness. His everlasting kindness. The greatness of his work. Celebrate majesty!

Amber BeeryCelebrating missions

Amber grew up with five brothers on a farm in Kansas. She studied print media at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago and now lives with her husband and three children (ages 8, 6  and 3) in Michigan. She loves ice cream, photography and the smell of new books! Read Amber’s other posts here

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Rachel Wynn August 21, 2013 at 3:26 pm

What a great post, Amber! Thank you for sharing.


Becca @ The Earthlings Handbook August 21, 2013 at 6:06 pm

I completely agree! I belong to an Episcopal church where we often have food and celebrations of holidays many Christians don’t really acknowledge, like Maundy Thursday and Epiphany and Pentecost. I love the way the cycle of the church year helps me, and my 8-year-old, to celebrate and appreciate all the different ways God’s love shines into the world.


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