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November 14, 2011 in girls and beauty,sexualization of little girls

 I love resources: books, articles, other people. I am concerned about the emphasis on beauty that our culture feeds our kids. So I did what I always do. Pray and seek resources. I found Dove commercials from 2006 and 2007. I love the emphasis on real beauty this company adopted a few years ago and even if it is a marketing ploy, I don’t care.

I want our girls to love the way God created them. But culture doesn’t encourage this and truthfully, most moms still struggle to accept their own body and the looks God has given them. So what’s an honest mom to do? Pray. Fight to find alternative views of beauty. Talk to your girls, acknowledging your own struggles.

Maybe you didn’t have time to check out the article on the sexualization of little girls(here)  or to read about dolls that don’t look like Barbie (here). So to motivate you dear friend, to think about this issue, watch this short Dove commercial.  (Since Bug and Bird are both red heads, this video really gets to me). This first video is only for moms and teens and older tweens.

Now, here is a short Dove video to watch with your princess of any age. I’ve shown this to my daughters and their friends. They ask to see it over and over again. They refer to it. It’s powerful.  Young girls have no idea what goes into a model’s photo shoot. They need to know.

Come back tomorrow and I will give you more resources to combat the unnatural beauty emphasis of our culture.

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