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February 16, 2012 in books

In case you’ve missed the book list being posted by every news network, I want to point you to it. I love books. I love the library. In my few missions-related trips to other countries, I realized that most of the world raises kids without libraries. I can’t even imagine. When my daughter has a problem, we read a book. When she has a new interest be it hair styles or monkeys, we find a book. When I just know of a fabulous stories with great lessons, I check them out. The librarians all know my name and automatically get out my large pile of books on hold when I enter the door. We love stories!

And Scholastic just completed a dream list for this book lover. They created a list of top 100 children’s books for Parent and Child Magazine. I don’t know that I could actually rank these books, but I still love the list. And this list created by Scholastic includes almost all of my favorites. Need a book for you kid? Check out this list. (But still, even if the book makes the list, check the content before giving the book to your kid).

The only think I dislike about the list is that it doesn’t differentiate by age. A Wrinkle in Time is right next to The Snowy Day. But┬áif you have a fourth grader, these stories are so well crafted that if she can get over the fact that it is a board book (have her read to her baby cousin), she will still love even the simplest of these stories. And then when I went to Scholastic’s site (as opposed to reading on news readers) I could click on an age group (at the top) and it would highlight only the books in a certain age group or I could sort the books by genre. Awesome. Happy reading.

Image collage from USA today
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