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Celebrating God Without Hallmark

August 21, 2013
celebrations missions

Everyone loves a good party! At least our family is a big fan! While we have the typical birthday and Hallmark celebrations on our calendar each year, we have some extra ones, too. Celebrations that involve things like Vacation Bible School and Missions Conference at our church. I suppose since my husband is a pastor, […]

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What Mama Did…

May 12, 2013

You were the baby we almost didn’t have. I’ve heard mom say that more than once, her voice happy with remembering. She recalls my birth story, and the little girl in me wants to throw off my thirty-some years and crawl up on her lap. To feel her arms around me, to hear the story, […]

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How to Prepare Her For Life’s Pain

February 11, 2013
A little girl and her purse

“Mommy, they stole from me!! Why? Why?” My daughter gulps in hiccupy sobs and points to the empty spot on the park bench. Sure enough, her purse is gone. The pink purse – the hand-me-down bag bejeweled with sequins – it’s gone. Reese is devastated. She spins around, desperately searching the park for a fleeting […]

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For the mom (and her friends) with a child who fails to thrive

September 11, 2012
Kids who fail to thrive

I am so excited to restart the Mentor Mom series on Mondays (late today due to technical difficulties and a long weekend of traveling). I love reading the wisdom and hearts of other moms. I love encouraging each other. Take a deep breath, slow down, and read the touching words of Amber who returns for […]

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In Case You Feel Like the Wrong Mama For Your Kids

April 23, 2012

Happy Monday–the day at Pruning Princesses where we soak in the wisdom of others. Today my sweet friend Amber returns. Grab your tea and enjoy!  I love MOPS. No, not the cleaning tool that goes along with a bucket! MOPS are moms. Moms of little kids. Moms who like to spend time together. Our official […]

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