How Banana Splits Helped My Girls Clean Keep Their Room Clean

January 24, 2013
Kids and messy rooms

Carefully selected bribes should be the friend of every mama. I first used them when potty training ( my youngest who didn’t want to use the potty ever, learned quickly when her daddy promised a princess dress) and have never looked back. Sure, I wish they would just do what I say because I am […]

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Chores my kids do and age-appropriate chore lists

April 18, 2012

I haven’t cleaned a bathroom in over in a year. Well, not the whole thing anyway. Each girl cleans one bathroom. And since we just have a family bath and a powder room, this works. It took weeks of training, teaching, reteaching and post clean-up inspection but mostly the girls do a good job. The […]

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Why your kids need chores

April 2, 2012

Most of the Mentor Moms have had kids older than mine. But motherhood teaches you quickly to learn from each other, no matter the stage. Today’s post comes from Belinda who first shared her thoughts on media here a few weeks ago. Belinda shares my love for writing and she provides pictures for me (thank […]

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Wednesday Wisdom: No Job

October 19, 2011

There are certain pieces of advice that I repeat to myself over many months, sometimes years. They are mottos, reminders, inspirations, and butt kickers. And on Wednesdays, I will share them with you.A mother should work herself out of a job.I think this advice came from a Hearts at Home┬áconference, three years ago. But really, […]

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