Eating disorders

You are a Masterpiece: Jen’s ED story

October 22, 2012
You are my Masterpiece-God

This last post in the Lessons for Moms on Eating Disorders series is meant to encourage you, to remind you of who God says you are, who God says your daughter is. It is also a mentor mom post. Meet Jen, a friend from my college days, and the first mentor mom to have known […]

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Mom in the Mirror: Body Image, Beauty, and Life After Pregnancy

October 19, 2012
Teaching our daughters to love their beauty

Emily’s Wierenga’s words bless us again today. Moms influence their daughters. And while moms may not be able to prevent eating disorders, they can pass on healthy attitudes toward their own body and toward food. Emily wants to help you do this. In May, her new book will be released. It is called Mom In […]

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Emily’s ED story

October 18, 2012
Lessons for moms on eating disorders

Today, we are reading a story. Because we love our daughters. And we want to help them avoid a devastating disease.  Today, Emily shares her story.  Emily Wierenga is a generous soul. I don’t  know her except in the we’ve-exchanged-a-few-emails way, but I can sense her kindness.  Her heart aches for those who struggle with […]

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Preventing Eating Disorders

October 17, 2012
How parents can help prevent eating disorders

  Dear moms, I wish I could give you a formula for preventing eating disorders. Depending on the list you read, there are between 5 and 10 different types of eating disorders. And there are an infinite number of circumstances and personalities. Symptoms never look the same ( I know girls who struggled with EDs […]

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Sadie’s Lifelong Struggle

October 16, 2012
Lessons for moms on eating disorders

Stories are powerful. They educate us in a lasting way more than lists of facts (you can look those up again and again). So I asked a blogging friend to share her story. Meet Sadie Ussery, mother of 5  beautiful girls, survivor of Anorexia, and passionate helper for others as they work through eating disorders. […]

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