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Loving A Stranger: Following God’s Lead

January 9, 2014
God encounters

“Go out on a limb.” That’s what the sign read outside the small Mennonite church in Beemer, Nebraska. Population 600. I pulled into the church parking lot after driving more than 350 miles from Minnesota, eight hours spent in the rental car due to the snowy roads and multiple phone conversations with different friends to […]

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When two sides don’t see the same truth

November 8, 2013

Truth, in all its rightness, hides. I want it to be as straightforward as those old worksheets, “Write F for Fact or O for Opinion.” Tears stream down her face and she can’t speak. “Moom, (hiccup) she said she wishes she wasn’t my sister.” I sigh knowing what is coming. We’ve played this scene so […]

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When you fall short….

November 1, 2013

As a new high school age believer, I thought grace was straight forward, simple. Jesus forgave us for our sins because he loved us. The powerful teaching duo of marriage and parenting taught me otherwise. There was the day I realized I was judging the women in the check out line based on the contents […]

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Ordinary sinner

October 11, 2013
Psalm 1

We were studying Daniel-that creepy scene where a human hand appears and starts writing on the wall while King Belshazzar is having a drunken fiesta for 1000 of this nobleman and using the gold and silver goblets stolen from God’s temple. The Medes are camped somewhere outside the palace waiting to strike and the hand […]

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How to find mercy in parenting

September 13, 2013

She was draggin’. It was Sunday evening, after a long weekend of go-go-going. Of four games, only one victory had come. And tonight, the worse kind of loss–the kind where you lose your big lead–the kind where the other team brings in guest players from their best team and you almost win. The drive home […]

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