Five Minute Friday

For the momma whose kids are sick (again)

January 24, 2014

With toddling children and crushed goldfish cracker underfoot, I used to have countdowns to the next adult visit. I felt bad for the mail woman, who sometimes encountered me on an adultless day where my words flowed endlessly and slowed her down. Winter was the worst season for visits. My girls would skip and sing […]

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Why I needed to see a garlic sprout

January 10, 2014
Blog about raising girls

I can’t remember the context or the location, just the words. “I hated it when my parents wouldn’t come look at what I was doing.” I stared at him, my manly husband who rarely spoke of childhood except to recount a few crazy adventures. And I stored this idea in my heart and vowed to […]

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When two sides don’t see the same truth

November 8, 2013

Truth, in all its rightness, hides. I want it to be as straightforward as those old worksheets, “Write F for Fact or O for Opinion.” Tears stream down her face and she can’t speak. “Moom, (hiccup) she said she wishes she wasn’t my sister.” I sigh knowing what is coming. We’ve played this scene so […]

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When you fall short….

November 1, 2013

As a new high school age believer, I thought grace was straight forward, simple. Jesus forgave us for our sins because he loved us. The powerful teaching duo of marriage and parenting taught me otherwise. There was the day I realized I was judging the women in the check out line based on the contents […]

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How I cut down on laundry time

October 18, 2013
Laundry back up

The rhythm of a new school year was weeks old when I remembered an important check point. I needed to add a new responsibility to my girls’ chore list. I didn’t add anything the year before. And I forgot this year (clearly I need a new plan) but last year, I remembered. Problem was, what […]

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