For the momma whose kids are sick (again)

January 24, 2014

With toddling children and crushed goldfish cracker underfoot, I used to have countdowns to the next adult visit. I felt bad for the mail woman, who sometimes encountered me on an adultless day where my words flowed endlessly and slowed her down. Winter was the worst season for visits. My girls would skip and sing […]

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When the mood swings of tweendom are hard to watch…

September 4, 2013
mood swings of tweens

Giving myself a pep talk today…..,maybe you need one too. Five 11-year-old girls. Every summer week for three years they gather in my familiar, if stained, living room, and soak in the safety and comfort of real friends. They laugh. They compete. They create. They fight. We talk scripture, bras, mean girls, love, icky brothers, […]

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Definition of Hospitality: Helping Hearts Connect

August 5, 2013
Example of hospitality

Feelings of inadequacy and embarrassment threatened to induce panic. Mother’s of my daughter’s friends would soon see my house.  Memories of my girls reporting how much neater, how much bigger friend’s houses were, kept replaying. What would those other moms think? My living room was full of dust from the six 2-week old chicks residing […]

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Letting Her Be Left Out

March 27, 2013
Being left out

Past the diving for rings stage, the bikini-clad girls sat huddled in secretive laughing groups in corners of the pool. Anyone not in the group was clearly outside. My Bird was perfecting her underwater somersaults, alone, in a pool full of peers. Sometimes she swam up to the younger girls, grabbed their foot or scared […]

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How we handle playdates with families we don’t know

February 25, 2013
Playdates when you don't know the other family well

My Bird had a new friend and the idea of a new friend made her ooze joy and silliness. After all the friend drama of the last few months we both hoped this little girl would be a gem. She had invited Bird over for a play date. Yes! Play dates with just two girls […]

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