God Bumps

Why tears should encourage you

June 5, 2012

For Mama Loves this week, I am linking up an old post. It isn’t a product I love. Rather, I love facts, new information about things in life that reminds me of the greatness of God. I cry easily. My tear ducts are uncontrollable. Really. My husband doesn’t believe me. His tear ducts rarely misbehave. […]

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Science lesson gone wrong?

May 30, 2012

For weeks I have watched the chickadee mom and dad fly in and out of the birdhouse just outside the window next to the computer. Birds and nests and eggs are fascinating evidence of God’s creativity–how they painstakingly build a home, sit on eggs (how did he think of this device for nurture) and how […]

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Gymnastics Grown Faith

April 25, 2012

Today’s God Bump is a repost from an old family blog. I’ve left the post alone, as though it was written today. At the time though, it had been months of heartache as my daughter begged to compete in gymnastics. Unable to afford the competitive team prices, and unsure if so much time at the […]

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No hug sobs

April 13, 2012

We moved to Montana in January. Fourteen hours from our nearest family or friend. January. February. March. April. Winter is long in Montana. Potential friends hide inside unaware of your presence when there is snow on the ground. In May we started regular trips to the playground. When snow was on the ground, desperate for […]

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…then the technology ball came crashing into us.

January 16, 2012

Sometimes I get images stuck in my head. Lately they are colored drawing images, like cartoons. Good ones. Like the image of a seed opening up to let the first leaves emerge as I make New Year’s Resolutions. Or scary ones. Like the image of a wrecking ball headed straight toward my house. It appeared […]

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