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Loving My Now: Trusting God in the World of Sports

March 20, 2014
travel soccer

Cautions are handed out casually by experienced parents when they hear about our life. And for years, I considered every one–feeling guilty for straying from the path for raising proper Christian children. In the last months though, in ways I couldn’t predict or imagine, God has confirmed our path as “proper.” We are THAT family. […]

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When You Care About Your Daughter’s Appearance More Than You Want To

July 11, 2013
Girls with their own sense of style

She said she brushed her hair and didn’t want to do it again. Observation made the statement dubious. “Mooommm! It’s only hair.” She had been playing worm with her sister under piles of blankets. She was wearing green fleece paints with penguins on it–the ones she claims are not  PJ pants.  She wanted to wear […]

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A Day Well Spent ( A Poem)

May 16, 2013

It’s been quiet here. End of the year home school units and soccer have consumed my time. But today is the monthly Heart at Home blog hop (join us?). The topic continues to mirror Jill Savage’s book: No More Perfect Moms. As I tried to write about my imperfect days, I realized two things. 1) God is […]

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Sharing my body imperfections

March 21, 2013
loving bodies as they are

We shout “amen” when someone suggests we stop trying to look like photoshopped models. We rejoice when companies use “average” size (as if that exists) models. We preach to  our daughters to love the way God made them, to be comfortable in their skins, to be true to themselves not the latest fade. Yet, most […]

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Imperfect Marriages: You Are Not Alone

February 21, 2013
3 Things to Do When You Marriage is Sinking

After joining a launch team for No More Perfect Moms, I committed to keeping it real on Pruning Princesses. If you only know about my good ideas, well, it misrepresents me and the Internet is full of pretty pictures that show only perfect things. I don’t want to add to the epidemic. Perfect may inspire […]

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