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10 Songs For Your Tween Girl

July 3, 2013
songs for tween girls

Songs can live in your brain, unharmed by time or circumstances, until the perfect word or note recalls them to memory.  Music can be more powerful than my soapboxes in terms of immediate influence so we carefully encourage our girls to listen to certain music. It doesn’t always work. Still, remember the days of making […]

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Stop chasing picture perfect

September 21, 2012

I call it the Pinterest-effect. Though that isn’t fair because Pinterest isn’t the originator or even the main perpetrator, just the newest one. The Pinterest effect is where we get bogged down with new, creative, original, and BEAUTIFUL ideas and suddenly we need picture-perfect. We can no longer have a party. It has to be […]

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Time to get the girls a cell phone?

August 28, 2012

No. Not yet. We are homeschooling now and dad is the soccer coach and really the girls don’t need a phone yet. And the way parents use phones as pacifiers for their worries, rather than praying and teaching responsibility, is just plain unhealthy. Still, we live in a technology culture. And tweens and teens want […]

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Fuel: How to miss a childhood and a song

August 20, 2012

Blog posts sometimes go viral. Some make the news. Some circulate around a certain group of bloggers. Today’s fuel is a blog post that has been convicting mommy bloggers all summer. But maybe you missed it or maybe you are just a friend of mine who mostly reads my blog and not others. This post […]

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5 reasons your kids should watch TV

March 22, 2012

I am about to lose membership in the Christian blogosphere. Or at least lose the merit badge that goes with revealing your family doesn’t own a TV or if it does, you don’t have cable and only let your kids watch 30 minutes a week. Confession: We have a TV. We have a satellite with […]

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