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Movies for Tweens You Might Have Missed

August 20, 2013
family friendly movies

Showing animated movies to a group of your tween girl’s friends doesn’t always work. Most of the popular movies don’t meet you standards. What is a mom to do? First, acknowledge that your girl and her friends are getting older. They hear swear words at school or even at church, they know girls who are […]

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Helping her understand the influence of media

October 3, 2012

Driving to soccer yesterday my oldest sighed audibly and said, “Oh I do wish I had my own room.” She shares a tiny room with her sister and the longing is not a new one. The language though? I don’t speak in formal, old-fashioned English. Lately, I’ve heard a few other odd phrases come out […]

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5 reasons your kids should watch TV

March 22, 2012

I am about to lose membership in the Christian blogosphere. Or at least lose the merit badge that goes with revealing your family doesn’t own a TV or if it does, you don’t have cable and only let your kids watch 30 minutes a week. Confession: We have a TV. We have a satellite with […]

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Family movie: Don’t miss Arrietty

March 7, 2012

I am no better than an ostrich with her head in the sand when it comes to knowing about current movies. Fortunately my husband is more of an attentive hawk. Our family visits the movie theater maybe twice a year. And when we do, it had better be good. Last week, my husband surprised us […]

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Media Rules from a Media Skeptic

February 23, 2012

I love my idea bag to be full. Knowing how other moms handle issues helps and inspires me. This morning I want you to meet my friend Belinda. ┬áBelinda is busy raising 3 princesses and a very young prince. She is disciplined and wise and you would want her kids to be be friends with […]

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