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After this life….

April 5, 2013

Advice that captivates me swims around the deep waters of my brain, resurfacing now and again. Eventually it turns prune-like, its origins unrecognizable. Only the skeletal bones remain. Such advice swam up with today’s writing prompt on the word after. Here’s my 5-minutes. And if you want to play this game or visit other players, […]

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If your daughter speaks negatively about herself…

March 13, 2013
Helping with self criticism

“I am so dumb!” “I am so ugly!” Has your princess sobbed such phrases into her pillow? It doesn’t matter if she says them aloud or in her head. Such phrases, repeated over and over again, diminish the strength of your girl as she starts to believe the lies she mutters. Moms, don’t shrug these […]

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How to Prepare Her For Life’s Pain

February 11, 2013
A little girl and her purse

“Mommy, they stole from me!! Why? Why?” My daughter gulps in hiccupy sobs and points to the empty spot on the park bench. Sure enough, her purse is gone. The pink purse – the hand-me-down bag bejeweled with sequins – it’s gone. Reese is devastated. She spins around, desperately searching the park for a fleeting […]

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7 Things To Consider BEFORE your tween starts talking about dating

January 7, 2013
Parents talk about tween dating

Memories of “couples” standing next to the bus, kissing,  linger in my middle school memories. Tongue kissing was an important way to earn status. Moms, experienced teachers in your girls’ schools will confirm that kids are talking about boyfriend/girlfriend relationships earlier than ever. You need to talk to your girl about dating early, maybe fourth […]

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Thanks for the ugly sweater and thank you printables

December 30, 2012
Links to printable thank you notes

I am curious, is  writing thank you notes is old fashioned? Do you make your kids write them? I do. Every Christmas. Every birthday. We don’t have family in state so most of the girls’ gifts come in the mail. But if every gift the girls opened was in sight of the giver, I would […]

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