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Loving A Stranger: Following God’s Lead

January 9, 2014
God encounters

“Go out on a limb.” That’s what the sign read outside the small Mennonite church in Beemer, Nebraska. Population 600. I pulled into the church parking lot after driving more than 350 miles from Minnesota, eight hours spent in the rental car due to the snowy roads and multiple phone conversations with different friends to […]

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When Your Kids Aren’t Like You…

June 24, 2013
Your Kids Don't Make Sense

I’m going to start with an analogy I read in Loving the Little Years: Motherhood in the Trenches, by Rachel Jankovic. Pretend you are a tomato plant and your husband is a tomato plant. You have your first child and it is a tomato plant. You are all happy little plants in your garden. Then […]

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When anxiety dominates your parenting….

June 10, 2013

I’ve been encouraged and challenged for months by today’s mentor mom’s almost daily tips on Facebook for raising tweens and teens.  I think you will be too. Welcome Linda to Pruning Princesses. Spend even a little time around kids and you’ll realize they’re under a lot of pressure. Many believe they are under a microscope […]

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When You Wonder If God Will Heal Her…

April 22, 2013
Teaching our girl about prayer

I have a confession. I’ve shied away from praying with my kids for things that I’m afraid He won’t grant. For example, if one of them is sick, we can pray together for them to get better because I’m pretty confident that either through God’s divine intervention or the amazing way that He designed our […]

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The World Through Her Eyes-Living With Aspergers

April 15, 2013

Another crazy afternoon, a day in the life of me. Except this time, we had just picked up my oldest from school and she is still struggling to keep herself together. I juggle her assignments, Elijah’s off the wall energy and Tori’s victorious antics. We settle in for the evening, supper, showers, stories, and bedtime. […]

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