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Do as I say, not as I do: When you are a bad role model

November 22, 2013
Loose leaf tea

Shoes. Purses. Nail Polish. Kitchen Gadgets. Books. What is your weakness? Chocolate? My mom loves dishes and purses. My grandma loved yarn. My neighbor, she has bins of scrapbooking materials.  Me? Plants and tea. Not just any tea. Loose leaf, imported tea. Remember yesterday’s post? As a new, exhausted mom, I convinced my husband I […]

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When life makes her feel broken….

July 26, 2013
Kids and struggles

There’s a misconception about mothering. We believe it is our job to keep the brokenness away–shoo it under a rug where the shards will not be felt (much). We protect fiercely thinking we are good momma tigers. Do you know anyone who has never been broken? Only those who remain acquaintances. The guarantee of brokenness […]

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Imperfect kids, Imperfect mom

February 6, 2013

“Confident moms are unmoved by their children’s misbehavior” writes Jill Savage in chapter 3 of No More Perfect Moms. Dear friends, some days I am as easy to move as an empty cardboard box . My fuse is short and I yell or place blame.Then I turn around and realize I never taught my kids […]

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How a mom with a chronic illness embraces her imperfection

January 28, 2013
Natural and Free blog writer

More often than we care to admit,  we can’t be the mom we want to be. Illness, death, job moves, or finances redirect our energy and we can’t give everything we want to our mothering job. Meet Julie Moore. The limitations she’s encountered in her mothering have helped her not to seek perfection but to […]

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When you growl but you shouldn’t have

January 25, 2013

I stride through the house, pile of misplaced life in my hands. The evening pick up has begun. Again. A half filled, half forgotten cup of milk catches my eye by the corner of the couch. Sighing. I drop my bundle and march to the stairs to call my girl who is happily drawing mermaids […]

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