Definition of Hospitality: Helping Hearts Connect

August 5, 2013
Example of hospitality

Feelings of inadequacy and embarrassment threatened to induce panic. Mother’s of my daughter’s friends would soon see my house.  Memories of my girls reporting how much neater, how much bigger friend’s houses were, kept replaying. What would those other moms think? My living room was full of dust from the six 2-week old chicks residing […]

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When anxiety dominates your parenting….

June 10, 2013

I’ve been encouraged and challenged for months by today’s mentor mom’s almost daily tips on Facebook for raising tweens and teens.  I think you will be too. Welcome Linda to Pruning Princesses. Spend even a little time around kids and you’ll realize they’re under a lot of pressure. Many believe they are under a microscope […]

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Earth Treasure Stored In My Heart

March 29, 2013
Treaures on earth

I am sentimental. Earthly treasures can acquire excessive value in my  mind depending on the person or circumstance the object reminds me of. What this translate to is this: I overreact when people break things.To put it bluntly, I sin. I know the things themselves are the sort of objects Christ told us not to […]

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Sharing my body imperfections

March 21, 2013
loving bodies as they are

We shout “amen” when someone suggests we stop trying to look like photoshopped models. We rejoice when companies use “average” size (as if that exists) models. We preach to  our daughters to love the way God made them, to be comfortable in their skins, to be true to themselves not the latest fade. Yet, most […]

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Imperfect kids, Imperfect mom

February 6, 2013

“Confident moms are unmoved by their children’s misbehavior” writes Jill Savage in chapter 3 of No More Perfect Moms. Dear friends, some days I am as easy to move as an empty cardboard box . My fuse is short and I yell or place blame.Then I turn around and realize I never taught my kids […]

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