Whispers of Hope by Beth Moore-A Review (and Giveaway)

November 15, 2013
Prayer Devotional

Ever been in a prayer rut? You know, where prayers are stale. Or you can’t think of what to pray. Or you’ve prayed the same thing so many times you don’t want to read about the persistent widow in scripture. How do you get out of the rut? Prayer has seasons I think. And sometimes, […]

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On finding your daughter’s strengths

September 20, 2013
Finding kids strengths

She puts her finger in the small of my back and pushes, gently massaging while we watch TV. During times of confusing crowds she grabs the skin of my elbows and kneads it. After nightime prayer, she flings her arms around my neck, stiffening  her muscles so I can’t escape and grinning. In the tough […]

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When My Prayer Life Needed a Jump Start

June 20, 2013
Stormie Omartian

There used to be so much to pray about: what to study in college, how to spend my summers, who to marry, where to live, and piles of friends who were all making the same decisions. Leaning on God to avoid anxiety was necesary during that time. Then one day I was a mom, at […]

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When You Wonder If God Will Heal Her…

April 22, 2013
Teaching our girl about prayer

I have a confession. I’ve shied away from praying with my kids for things that I’m afraid He won’t grant. For example, if one of them is sick, we can pray together for them to get better because I’m pretty confident that either through God’s divine intervention or the amazing way that He designed our […]

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Praying against rejection

January 18, 2013

I didn’t intend to write today. It’s late today, I will be so far down the list of blog hoppers, why bother? And yet, the word for 5-minute Friday is haunting me: cherish. Because for all the posts out there about happy relationships and loving moments, I know so many of you are not living […]

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