Alternative Princess stories

October 28, 2011
Alternative Princess Stories

I fretted about my girls and their obsession with princesses (read about those frets here) for years.  I worried their young hearts would pick up the subtle messages of those stories. As a story lover,  I wanted them to know the stories because they are a part of our culture. As a mom, the messages […]

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Repost: Princess Analysis

October 13, 2011

Reposts are from a blog I started when my girls were younger. I’ve changed nothing about their content so you can read my thinking process when my girls were younger. “Princesses Analysis” was the most read post ever on my blog. To mothers of young girls who worry about such things. RELAX. From three years […]

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Fuel: Little Girls or Little Women

October 6, 2011

My gut tells me that the sexuality of girls and women is increasing. I can never prove it. It’s just a general knowledge, a kind of, this-has-to-be-true knowledge. But sometimes the task of protecting my girls and guarding their hearts is overwhelming. As my girls grow, I can’t hold them next to my side all […]

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