Loving My Now: Trusting God in the World of Sports

March 20, 2014
travel soccer

Cautions are handed out casually by experienced parents when they hear about our life. And for years, I considered every one–feeling guilty for straying from the path for raising proper Christian children. In the last months though, in ways I couldn’t predict or imagine, God has confirmed our path as “proper.” We are THAT family. […]

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How to find mercy in parenting

September 13, 2013

She was draggin’. It was Sunday evening, after a long weekend of go-go-going. Of four games, only one victory had come. And tonight, the worse kind of loss–the kind where you lose your big lead–the kind where the other team brings in guest players from their best team and you almost win. The drive home […]

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When you Can’t Stay

November 16, 2012

My stomach surged. I walked in denial, refusing to call sin sin. I was worried. My sweet Bird would be spending a week on a college campus. Playing soccer, eating, sleeping, and playing soccer in another state with counselors (who were only in college) and not a known person in sight. She was ten. I […]

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When the dream might not work out

October 12, 2012
Girl Chasing Dream

Bird loves soccer. She dreams of soccer greatness because passion and total abandon to a dream areĀ  part of her weaving. She has crazy good footwork that she can’t seem to use in the game and she used to be lightning fast. Used to. She’s struggling. She’s ten and her body is growing, changing. She […]

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How to strengthen your marriage while you parent

September 4, 2012
dad coaching daughter

My husband is a natural teacher. Give him a group and a subject and he can impart knowledge and make people laugh at the same time. I think there is a wind up key inside of him and it only gets wound right before a group presentation. He is a math teacher at a community […]

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