Wednesday wisdom

The Lateover solution to Slumber Parties

November 14, 2012
Avoiding slumber parties

Frozen bras. Sneaking out to teepee houses. Watching Children in the Corn. Consulting the Ouija Board. I wasn’t ready for the world of slumber parties when my girls started asking about them about the time they started school…so that’s what? Four! Little girls find the words slumber party and grab onto them like a treasure. […]

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Wisdom Wednesday: 5 mentors for your daughter

July 18, 2012

It takes a village….I love this phrase and I want a village to help me raise my girls. But finding a village in this culture of instant updates without real interactions is tough. Especially when family is far away. So I’ve been praying for some villagers…At my grandma’s funeral an older cousin gave me some […]

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Make friends in different places

April 4, 2012

In high school, I had school friends, a church friend and a dear neighbor. If we hadn’t been neighbors, our lives would not have intersected. We didn’t have anything in common except location. But I was so thankful for Dori. Somehow, having a friend who wasn’t part of the different dramas in my life helped […]

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Teach your Girl about Gossip

March 6, 2012

I dropped Bug off at school after a mid-day doctor appointment. I lingered in the hall for a few minutes after signing her in, hoping to see Bird on her way to lunch. Bird and her friend, Sparkles, greeted me with hugs and gushing words about the trouble they had been having at recess. I […]

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Wednesday Wisdom: Social life once you Stay Home

February 29, 2012

There are certain pieces of advice that I repeat to myself over many months, sometimes years. They are mottos, reminders, inspirations, and butt kickers. And on some Wednesdays, I share them with you. Today’s Wednesday Wisdom is dedicated to all the sweet new moms God is placing in my life.  Be Your Own Social Coordinator […]

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