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October 12, 2011 in fuel

The cast of NBC’s Parenthood

It’s Wednesday afternoon and sunny. The list of things I should be doing is long. Instead,  I just went in the basement, threw in a load of laundry to appease the inner voice that tells me I am lazy when I am not accomplishing anything, snuggled up under a blanket and watched TV! For company I brought my daily treat, a 70% dark chocolate bar and cup of green tea.

Don’t loathe me for having time in the middle of the day to watch TV–it’s the only TV I ever watch. We all have our unnecessary pleasures. My schedule is just a bit different than most.

I’ve never been a TV watcher, never had a show that I loved so much that I couldn’t wait for the next episode, had to record it, or would find a way to watch it if I missed it. I never got into Beverly Hill 90210(I date myself here), or Grey’s Anatomy or the Office. And until my husband taught me to enjoy soccer, specifically the women’s World Cup, I’d never cared about sports either. That changed three years ago, when NBC premiered Parenthood. I finally understand the probably unhealthy emotional attachment people have to TV characters.

Every episode is stock full of real emotions, sinful people, drama, and the joy of family. As a kid, I never wished for siblings, but as an adult, with sister-in-laws in other states, I long for siblings. I love the watching the Braverman family go through life. I find silly inspiration from the parenting and share so much empathy with the different parents as I wonder, “What would I do if my child did that?” Each spring I wait for the fall lineup to be announced, nervous that not enough people are watching this great show.

And to my friends who run from place to place and event to event, I encourage you to choose a random point in your week where you always stop and just enjoy something. Something that is for you. Parenthood for me is like my friend’s fancy Starbuck’s latte she gets each week. To give your best to your family, sometimes we need to stop and fill up.

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