Christmas Review

December 26, 2011 in Holidays

John Rogers Herbert painted this image in 1847. It’s his
rendition of Jesus growing up in Nazareth.

The gifts are opened. The process of finding homes for all the new stuff has begun. My girls mourn the absence of snow. And Christmas break still stretches before us with all its choices. But Christmas is not over, the story has just begun. Even though we’ve heard the story of the Christ dozens of times, the details still escape us. And in the details, we sometimes find the most encouragement. Like the fact that Jesus grew up in Nazareth. Have you ever observed what average people said about Nazareth during Jesus’s life? “Nazareth! Can anything good come from there?” says Phillip in John 1:46. Nazareth was the town no one wanted to live in, the town the teenagers dreamed about escaping from. Oaky, you say? And yet, such details are the richness of Christ’s story. The Prince of Peace did not grow up in a castle in the coolest town in history. And in those details, I find the depth of God’s love for us in the way He planned Christ’s life. I would plan a much grander, more impressive upbringing for the Savior of the World.¬†But God knows that grand and impressive are not among our needs.

Don’t let the Christmas story die at your house because Christmas Day is over. Keep engaging your princesses with the Story of the Prince of Peace. And because sometimes kids roll their eyes when we ask them to stop playing and to engage with the story of Christ, here’s a fun alternative for the day: A quiz on the Nativity story. Working together, my girls and I only got one wrong. But alone, none of us would have scored less than 3 wrong. ¬†Merry Christmas!

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