Fuel: Have a code word for danger

March 8, 2012 in fuel,lessons for daughters

Human trafficking. I’ve been forcing myself to read about it. So I know. So I can pray. I’ve read stories where they interview the pimp who buys the girls and is eventually caught. His words are haunting. Things like, “I was trained to spot teenage girls at their low point and then be their savior.” Or, “I would never let a teenage girl wander around the mall with just friends, that’s where pimps hang out.” Or one pimp said blond-haired, blue eyed girls fetched the most money. So I am guessing my red heads would be valuable too? It is hard to make our brain think on these things. ¬†And if as learn about human trafficking, you start to worry, to fear for your girls. Turn your thoughts to Jesus and remember his promises (I know easier said, than done).

I read an article today about Sophie, who is now safe with her family. Read her story here. Sophie is British, but I know, from reading, that human trafficking is happening in the United States too. I picked this article to share because Sophie’s mom taught her a phrase that may have saved her. I want to follow in the steps of this wisdom too.

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