Fuel: Talking about Prince Charming

February 9, 2012 in fuel

I love having my parenting idea bag stocked full. I love sharing great articles about raising girls with you. Today I found a gem. It will fill your idea bag and make you want to share. It touches on a subject I used to avoid. I never talked to my mom about boys or marriage. It was awkward. So I  need help knowing how to talk to my girls about these topics.  Honestly, I never thought about dreaming with my girls about future spouses until Dannah Gresh introduced me to the idea in her book. Then yesterday, I discovered an article by Ali Dent called “Defining Prince Charming.” I love Dent’s ideas and feel more equipped to approach the subject of boys in the future. And if you have a son, I think you should still read Dent’s article. The ideas are easily transferable to “Defining Your Princess.” Happy fueling.

Image: Sippakorn. Used by permission. 

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