I love to find information. I love to read stories. Reading about parenting fuels me by filling my idea bag or making me rethink a standard I’ve set. Sometimes other people write things so perfect for Pruning Princesses readers that I have to share. Here’s a summary of the FUEL I have shared so far…

Little Girls or Women: The Disney Princess Effect–thoughts and stats about the sexualization of young girls
Notes from a Dragon Mom–Remember to love your girls today not tomorrow
Thankful for Yellow and Red Swirl Carpet–a blog post about being thankful, even though things aren’t perfect
Rules for Dads and Daughters–From a dad who has pondered these things….
Need a laugh–a story about a dental surgery to make you laugh
My Body Gallery–Real women, real images. Evidence that there isn’t one most beautiful shape.
Have a Code Word for Danger–A true story about human trafficking and one mom’s wise strategy that may have saved her daughter
Defining Prince Charming–Talk to your girls now about their future spouse and his characteristics
How to Talk to Little Girls–Writer Lisa Bloom takes on the constant appearance oriented praise that little girls receive
What a Hands Free Summer Looks Like–Includes a list of the 10 things kids consistently wish their parents would do and some inspiration to help you prioritize.
25 Rules for Dads Raising Daughters–From the Good Men Project, a list that will benefit anyone raising a daughter whether a mom, a dad or a grandparent. 
How to Be A Good Mom on a Bad Day–Just what it sounds like from a blogger I enjoy.
Talk to Your Daughter About P o r n–a tough, unpleasant subject that you need to address. Here are some ideas to help.
How to Miss a Childhood–Just what is says, what you don’t want to do.

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