Happy Birthday Mom

December 8, 2011 in gratitude,mom friends

Happy Birthday Mom.

Miles and circumstances out of your control separate us this year.
I wish I could knock on your door, with a big bouquet of flowers, to celebrate your day with you.
I can’t decide what to buy you this year so I give you some memories (because yours is so bad!).
I am so thankful for you and I love you dearly.

When I think of my mom, I think of calm. Her presence is like relaxing on the couch with a new cup of warm cup of green tea. She is not judgmental or critical. She is a listener and encourager.

Growing up, she was not an idea person or project person. She was the steady beam, always available, always listening, always calm. She didn’t stay at home full time, but always had a job with unbelievable flexibility. If I needed her, she was there.

My mom rarely shared her opinions about my friends, or my activities. I can only think of twice where my mom shared an opinion about a friend. And when opinions are rare, even teenage daughters take note.

I remember long trips with my mom, often to see my grandma. We had regular habits on those trips: Egg McMuffins for breakfast, nutty bars (what are those bars called with peanuts, carmel and a marshmellow center?), and as the eight hour car ride dwindled to two , a stop at A&W for root beer. I don’t mean to say my mom always fed me junk food. But those foods were special and silly as it sounds, I still think eating an Egg Mc Muffin is special.

My mom is a survivor….beating breast cancer, comforting other women who were diagnosed with it. Currently she daily tackles the challenges that come with almost 18 years of Parkinson’s. Mom isn’t a complainer though. She presses forward step by step.

So many times, I have failed to get a gift to her for birthday. I always forget my parents’ anniversary. And my cards are usually late. If she cares, she never hints at it.

My mom loves me the way I am. And as I get older and the phrase, “I am just like my mom, ” surprises me more, it won’t be a bad thing. I am grateful and hopeful that I can age with such a calm, beautiful spirit. Love you mom.

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