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November 8, 2011 in packing a lunchbox,recipes

Pizza Muffin from Eating Well could
be a new lunchbox favorite. 

I love the idea of a grab bag. It is filled with an odd assortment of things and you pick out one you want.  I love to create idea grab bags: grab bags for craft ideas, grab bags for organization: grab bags for discipline, grab bags for rewards I don’t have real bags, but documents on my computer, full of ideas.

I also have a group of friends. We are all moms of girls who attend the same elementary school. I call our group Raising Girls. We try to fill each other’s grab bags with whatever the topic is for the month. Sometimes the bags get full, sometimes we are all stumped by the behavior of our children and there is not much to share. Either way, it feels like support.

Last year I shared with my friends a bunch of articles for ways to pack a healthy lunch. Here is part of the email I sent them: 

Eating Healthy. I know there are a wide variety of opinions on this topic, but hearing each other’s struggles and philosophies, even when radically different will challenge and encourage us in our quest to help our girls grow into healthy (in all ways) women. 
These sites give ideas for lunches:
Top 10 Packable Lunches  
This article from Family Education lists creative lunch box foods, but they require time. Maybe you and your girls could spend quality time Sunday afternoon in the kitchen prepping some of these for the week ahead. 
Kids lunches beyond the sandwich
Laptop lunches–a site that sells the popular Bento boxes–a system designed to help keep lunches “green”. They are pricey, but may be worth it…The site has some lunch ideas too. 
Family Fun–the author of this article sorted through 500 reader suggestions on how to keep lunch packing healthy and easy.  

Eating Well tips for kids’ lunches– A long list of creative and yummy looking recipes that pack well in a lunch box. I guarantee there will be at least three ideas on this list that will appeal to any kid. 

So do you have other suggestions? 

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Laura Jean Johnson November 9, 2011 at 5:12 pm

Humm I’m pretty sure even my husband would love Dino lunches! Thanks for sharing these are great ideas, and even though we are long way off from needing to pack lunches for kiddos, I love the extra ideas of good quick meals on the go!


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