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March 15, 2012 in Hearts at Home,lessons for moms

Yay! It’s Hearts at Home Blog Hop day. Visit other bloggers (listed below)who are participating and link up yourself if you like. Here’s the prompt: 
We all have days when we feel like just an ‘ordinary mom’. If you could have any super power that would help you in your mothering, what would it be?

Most days are ordinary mom days. When friends from other states call and say, “What’s new?” Usually I answer,  “Nothing, much.”  Who wants to hear about bedtime snuggles, grocery shopping or sending an email to my daughter’s teacher? None of it is new. 

So when I read the prompt for the blog hop, I started dreaming, what if my super power was…. 

Flying: Picture me, without cape (per Incredibles advice), flying through the air, racing to out of town soccer games or just thrilling my kids(flying always comes with super strength so you can carry other people to safety, right?). Of course, I would arrive a wind blown and disheveled and all the kids would constantly be badgering for rides. Maybe flying isn’t the right superpower. 

X-ray vision: I could see the mischief my kids were up to and potential dangers in the house and find those things that go missing. But seeing everything my kids do might create for trust issues. Plus, it might take a while to know how to use and I don’t want to start seeing other people’s underwear. 

Invisible Powers: I could watch my kids at school and find out what is really going in with all the friend drama. I could disappear when I was tried of being summoned with a loud, “Mom!” every few minutes. I could win every game of Hide ‘N Seek. Still, even if I know what is going on, who could I confront? How would I explain to the mother of the mean girl how I know what her daughter said? I don’t want to win every game of Hide N Seek–no one will want to play with me then. And my kids, they’d know I had invisible powers and keep yelling louder. 

The girls at a superhero party. Can you guess who they are? 

Power to move objects with my mind (what do you call this power?): Honestly this is the dreamiest power I can think of. I could sit in my favorite spot in the sun and pick up the house or empty the dishwasher. Fast tidiness would be mine. And yet, it’s essential that I model for my kids working hard and I could never tell my friends, they’d just want to come over and pick up their house daily. 

Maybe the superpower I need is the ability to see my job as a mom as a superhero worthy. The daily nurturing of young souls to teach them to follow Christ is a greater task than saving the world by using superhuman strength to divert a meteor. Saving the world with superhero strength just takes good timing and big muscles. Raising kids in a world that doesn’t fear is a real superhero job. And God will give me the powers I need. My job isn’t ordinary and boring. 

Still, I would love to be able to move objects with just my mind. 

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Susan M. Heim March 15, 2012 at 3:46 pm

I love your conclusion that we are already superheroes as moms!


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