Fuel: Little Girls or Little Women

October 6, 2011 in fuel,princesses,sexualization of little girls

My gut tells me that the sexuality of girls and women is increasing. I can never prove it. It’s just a general knowledge, a kind of, this-has-to-be-true knowledge. But sometimes the task of protecting my girls and guarding their hearts is overwhelming. As my girls grow, I can’t hold them next to my side all day long so sometimes I throw up my hands and do the worst possible thing….nothing. Then a friend hands me an article, saying she thinks I will want to read it. And there, in a national publication, are the stats to support my gut. I am leery of stats though. You can find a stat to support just about any view point. Still, the article made me want to tell someone, “I knew it!” The article jolted me back to the importance of my job as a mom; it reignited my determination to guide and protect my girls, to teach them to be discerning.
Be fueled!
Little Girls or Little Women: The Disney Princess Effect

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