Ordinary sinner

October 11, 2013 in Faith that Shines,Five Minute Friday

Psalm 1We were studying Daniel-that creepy scene where a human hand appears and starts writing on the wall while King Belshazzar is having a drunken fiesta for 1000 of this nobleman and using the gold and silver goblets stolen from God’s temple. The Medes are camped somewhere outside the palace waiting to strike and the hand was a tool for Daniel to interpret God’s will to the King: You have been found waiting. You have set yourself up against the Lord Almighty and you will die. The king was killed that night and the Babylonian kingdom came to end.

Our study guide directed us to Psalm 1. It it summed up in its final verse, ” For the Lord watches over the way of the righteous, but the way of the wicked leads to destruction.” The  question asked, which category would God place you in? Righteous or wicked?

Silence lingered as the group looked at each other. Then a few brave souls:

” I guess righteous but only because of the holy spirit.”

“Righteous, I hope.”

The question filled all of us with doubt. It reminded us of how we yelled unfairly at our kids before they left for school. Or the brewing anger at a husband who was working too much. Or the guilt of budget blown. Again.

But friends, if you have love Jesus, if you have accepted his gift to you, you don’t need to wade through guilt at such a question. You are counted as Righteous. Claim it. You are no ordinary sinner enslaved to the way of the world. You are free, righteous because of a gift you cannot give back or trade.

And your precious little ones? The sooner you can claim your place in Psalm 1 without hesitation, the sooner they will grasp the love of Christ. Go ahead, claim your place.

Exercising these writing muscles this morning with other word others. Maybe if I put a 5-minute limit on all my posts, I would be able to write again? Join others who love to weave words at Lisa Jo’s. Today’s word: ordinary

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Kristin October 11, 2013 at 11:00 am

Beautiful take on this word today!! LOVE


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