Why I needed to see a garlic sprout

January 10, 2014
Blog about raising girls

I can’t remember the context or the location, just the words. “I hated it when my parents wouldn’t come look at what I was doing.” I stared at him, my manly husband who rarely spoke of childhood except to recount a few crazy adventures. And I stored this idea in my heart and vowed to […]

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Loving A Stranger: Following God’s Lead

January 9, 2014
God encounters

“Go out on a limb.” That’s what the sign read outside the small Mennonite church in Beemer, Nebraska. Population 600. I pulled into the church parking lot after driving more than 350 miles from Minnesota, eight hours spent in the rental car due to the snowy roads and multiple phone conversations with different friends to […]

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A devotion for mom and daughters that works

January 8, 2014
Dannah Gresh

A puzzling invitation to a birthday party arrived in the mail. To my knowledge, the birthday girl had never been in my daughter’s class nor did she ever play with her. Turns out, the birthday girl’s wise mother was the adult guide for my daughter at a local VBS and loved her (who wouldn’t?). That […]

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Best of Pruning Princesses 2013

January 1, 2014

        It’s been a different year here. Less posts but more heart. Maybe you missed something? Or maybe you want to return to something? Here are 13  favorite posts from the past year. Did I miss yours?   Three most pinned posts of 2013 *Cooking with Kids: Healthy Fall Recipes *Book Review: […]

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6 Advent Devotions to Help you Focus

November 30, 2013
Jesus is reason for the season

When the girls were old enough to equate Christmas with piles of presents, I began a Christmas reformation. Fearing that Santa and Jesus together were just too confusing, we had never introduced the jolly man as anything more than a fictional character like Superman or Mickey Mouse. We also themed our tree so that each […]

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