Perfect hiding spot for gifts

November 30, 2011 in Holidays

In closets, under beds, under couches, in previously unnoticed storage boxes. I searched high and low for my Christmas gifts as a tween. I am an only child so there was no one to help me. As a latch-key kid,  there was plenty of time to look. But I never found one, not one.

I adeptly followed the contours of wrapped presents to guess their contents. I regularly unwrapped and rewrapped the presents I couldn’t guess, but if the gift was not under the tree prior to Christmas day I never had any luck finding the gifts.

I would ask my friends where their parents hid gifts. By the time I reached high school, most of my friends knew their family’s hiding spots. I never could find my gifts and my mom would just smile and say, “What gifts?” when I asked.

Mom revealed her secret location to me after I had kids of my own. And since she is my mom, wise in so many ways, I hide gifts in the same place as my mom. It won’t work for everyone but it is brilliant because if you are not home, neither are the gifts…at least, not until your kids are old enough to borrow your vehicle. So, the best hiding place ever: tied store bags (don’t use bags from stores your kids love like Justice of Best Buy)in the trunk of the car you drive. For added protection, cover them the emergency blanket you keep in there.

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