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October 24, 2011 in Organization,Repost

Reposts are from a blog I started when my girls were younger. I’ve changed nothing about their content so you can read my thinking process when my girls were younger.  This post on cleaning still applies accurately describes my thoughts on cleaning, even the girls are no longer 4 and 6. 

Generally I clean the bathroom on Mondays. Vacuum the downstairs on Fridays. Etc. Sometimes though I need to be flexible, and I have learned to do this. Sometimes I clean the bathroom on Wednesday. And if I skip too many days and I know company is coming on Friday, I wait until Friday morning. No sense in overdoing things.

Yet, regardless of when I do the cleaning, so often it is right before an unknown mess. For example, one Friday I vacuumed the carpets and cleaned the wood floors on a day when I knew the weather called for sun for the whole weekend. I thought I was being smart and would have pretty floors for longer. I didn’t know the young man who lives with us  was having a guys night out in my house that night. Single guys mostly, with dirty shoes and careless habits. You know how the story goes.

Or sometimes the day after I clean the bathroom is the day T decides to give himself a haircut. He is a good husband and tries not to leave a mess. But there are still little pieces of stiff black hair clinging to every corner and crevice.

And inevitably if the girls are going to get the stomach flu and vomit in their bed, it is the day after I just washed their sheets.

You know this story. It’s the never ending quest of a mom to have a clean house. Some of us are more successful than others in this area, but I doubt any of us ever meet our desired level of cleanliness for more than an hour (if anyone is home). If I don’t guard my heart, all the cleaning and recleaning can make me mad.
What I’ve come to realize though is that the day there is no one to unclean my house will be a sad one. Either everyone will have moved out, or much worse, they are doing nothing but watching TV. I’ve heard a story of a widow who, after the death of a husband, left a shirt on the bed post (the very shirt she spent years picking up and putting away) because it comforted her. So I will keep cleaning; thankful I can bless my family in this way. I’m no fool though I am always working to find ways to make them more involved in the process.

One other thing, if I don’t pick up the bits of the day scattered around my house each night, the messes won’t stop happening, but it will be more unpleasant to be in my house. And one of my greatest desires is for my family to love being at home. Keep cleaning friends. And remember cleanliness is NOT next to Godliness.
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