To-do list for Christmas break

December 29, 2011 in Holidays,Organization

Counting today, I have five precious days of having my girls home before school starts again. I want to use the time to teach them and to play with them. So here’s my must-do list for Christmas break:
1) Thoroughly wash and sanitize the lunch boxes.
2) Clean out the girls’ backpacks, wash them, and throw away/organize the random collections of treasures that will emerge from deep pockets within Bird’s backpack.
3) Sort the girls’ room, with their help. A complete cleaning, organize clothing drawers (and get rid of what doesn’t fit or isn’t worn), and an under the bed sweep.
4) Play a game with the girls each day.
5) Help each girl pick out one recipe from a kids cookbook (we got one for Christmas, but you can use the library). Then supervise each girl as they make a full meal from prep to clean up.
6) Ice skate
7) Finish all thank you notes before school starts again.
8) Finish the Hiding Place read aloud. The Hiding Place is a book Tom started with the girls in November. It is about Corrie Ten Boom and her family and how they hid Jewish people during World War II.

What’s on your list?

Okay, so these pictures are of bug prepping her gourmet grilled
cheese dinner party last January…but this year will be similar.
Bird made gourmet turkey burgers last night. She hated touching
the raw meat but it was so good for her!  My girls will not leave
this house without knowing how to fix  a meal!
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