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December 5, 2012 in tween magazines

Tween Magazine ReviewsGirl’s Life magazine is what Seventeen was when I was a tween: tons of fashion, celebrity reports, quizzes, and a lot of information on how to get a boyfriend.  Its website claims it’s held the #1 spot for girls’ magazines in the age range of 10-15 for 19 years.

While I don’t love all the content in Girls’ Life magazine (and the grammatical error of Girls’ Life when it should be Girls’ Lives is driving me nuts!–but that’s a teacher thing) this magazine does a nice job of offering some more series issues for girls to read about. The June/July 2012 issue has the usual celebrity and fashion articles but it also has articles on a girl, valedictorian of her class of 820 , who is facing potential deportation because she is not a legal citizen and an article on over-the-counter herbal diet pills that are dangerous. The August/September 2012 issue offers an article on the skyrocketing rates on concussions in girls sports. The website for this magazine is impressive in its scope with tons of added content on different boyfriend situations and fashion.

Cover headlines from the June/July 2012 issue include:

  • 238 Ways to Look Amazing this Summer
  • Flirt Alert! We Tell You Exactly What To Say To Make Him Yours
  • Bikini Boot Camp: 6 Moves to Total Hotness
  • The 7 Secrets Lucy Hale Wants You To Know
  • The Diet “Trick” That Could Kill You

Content from the August/September 2012 issue includes:

  • Advice on what to do if your BF (boyfriend) left you because you were too demanding of his time includes, “Your BF was not put on earth to fulfill your every relationship wish. Before diving headfirst into another romance, adjust your expectations.”
  • Answers to fashion questions like, “What girly tops will go with bootcuts? My tees are starting to look plain” and “Do butt-fit jeans actually work?”
  • The advice column, Dear Carol, tackles questions like, “How do I know if I am lesbian or not?” (answer: it will become clearer with time.) and “My mom says I can’t date until my junior year, but I would like to do so earlier” (Writer is currently in 7th grade). (Answer: Since you don’t have someone in mind now, don’t disturb the homefront. Enjoy the peace. Your mom might change her mind in a year or two. )
  • A list of 10 easy room redos you can do in under an hour
  • An article listing “11-sweetie snagging secrets from girls who never stay single for long” including crack a joke and let him text you first (and make him wait for a response).

Girls’ Life magazine has a few admirable traits (thank you for acknowledging that girls think about more than looks) , but it’s emphasis on dating, outward beauty, and pretty things rather than character makes it a magazine I will avoid showing to my girls. It is reasonably priced at $9.95 for 6 issues.

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Alexa August 15, 2013 at 8:23 pm

You should take a look at Discovery Girls Magazine.


pruningprincesses August 16, 2013 at 12:47 pm

I love that magazine. It is on my list of posts to write! It is actually my favorite.


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