Wednesday Wisdom: Enjoy the chaos

November 17, 2011 in Wednesday wisdom

Okay so it is Thursday and  not Wednesday. I do some subbing, mostly at my girls’ school. And they called yesterday morning. And I went. Because, well, this doesn’t pay any bills.  So really this is Thursday wisdom, but I like alliteration.

Parenting is hard. There are so many times when I don’t know what to do, when I don’t know if I made the right decision. And in exploring those moments here, I don’t want you to think mothering is dull drudgery. Even a quiet evening, when there is nothing on the calendar is exciting.

Tuesday night the calendar was empty. Tacos, using beans already prepared and stored in the fridge, were  on the menu. The girls did their homework after school. A too long game of trade this treat for that treat from the the remaining bag of Halloween candy followed. Neighborhood kids came over to play. When this neighborhood girl and her brother come over, they always play some kind of living on the prairie/indian game. So as soon as these kids show up, my girls strip up off their clothes, put on long sleeve floral cotton dresses and boots (to be prairie girls) and disappear outside. I can hear them as  dusk threatens to become dark yelling and I can see my neighbor lady laughing as she hears my bird, who is high up in a tree, in her prairie dress, yelling, “We stole her onions!” More screaming follows as the onion chase continues (I’d put the garden to bed for the winter but the kids found some onions still growing and thus began the onion game).

Later that night, bird, still smelling like onions,  and I were adding a third trial to her sugar crystal experiment for school. Bird (prairie costume covered with cooking apron) was concerned that the first two trials yielded different results and she wanted more data. So we were making a mess in the kitchen with mason jars, funnels, pipe cleaners (we needed two more and we couldn’t find the bag), dissolving sugar and food coloring. The phone rang. While talking on the phone, I sat down to try to find more missing pipe cleaners from the crafts bins and while on the floor and on the phone, Bug thought  it would be fun to see if Nibbles, her guinea pig, liked to sit on top of my head. He didn’t.

While Bird and I continued to experiment, Bug migrated to the computer. She was listening to a Utube music mix her daddy put together. She was singing along, loudly and off key. And I was hoping dear hubby had adequately screened the content of those videos.

The evening ended as it always does, with snuggles, back scratches and prayers. And when a friend called after bedtime and asked me what we did that night. I laughed. I could never have imagined a night filled such odd costumes and smells. But it was delightful.  Thank you Lord.

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