Wednesday Wisdom: No Job

October 19, 2011 in chores,Wednesday wisdom

There are certain pieces of advice that I repeat to myself over many months, sometimes years. They are mottos, reminders, inspirations, and butt kickers. And on Wednesdays, I will share them with you.

A mother should work herself out of a job.

I think this advice came from a Hearts at Home conference, three years ago. But really, I don’t know. If you do your mothering job well, you will work yourself out a job. You will raise independent kids, who seek the Lord, know some of His wisdom. They can make dinner, build a bookcase, know when (and maybe how) to change the oil in the car. They have self control and self discipline. They turn to pray in times of trouble. If your kids are ten and you still clean every bathroom in the house, you are not doing your job. Teach them everything you know. By the time your kids move out, they should have done almost every job you do as well as you or better. 

I know your girls are busy. Busy with school, dance, faith classes and sports. But if your schedule is so full your girls can’t learn to function in the daily world without a maid and a cook, you need to free up some time. 

I was talking with a mom at the soccer fields. She has 4 girls. And she said she hadn’t cleaned the kitchen, folded laundry, vacuumed or cleaned a bathroom in years. And since three of her girls are in junior high or above, that’s the way it should be. Her girls are ready for the world. 

So next time it seems easier to pick up their socks, or put their homework in the folder or wash the dishes, even though this task has been assigned to kid #2, remember that that one of your main mom jobs is to work yourself out of a job. Training takes time, but the rewards will be worth for you and for her will be worth it. 

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Joylynn October 19, 2011 at 4:29 pm

That’s how I want to raise Pascal – contributing to our family by taking on responsibility and building his skill base. My struggle will be accepting the result if it’s “not up to my standard” since I tend to be a neatnik. But I will have to remind myself that it’s more important for him to learn how to take care of himself (and our household) than to do it just right.


Laura October 20, 2011 at 1:10 pm

I probably have the opposite problem, Joylynn. I grew up always doing what I wanted. I only had two chores, iron my dad’s handkerchiefs and make my bed daily. Otherwise, my time was mine. I tend to favor relaxation over work. But with two kids, I imagine God will stretch your neatnik ways a bit.


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