Wednesday Wisdom: Win the battle

November 2, 2011 in discipline,Wednesday wisdom

Calvin was created by Bill Watterson

Today’s Wednesday wisdom comes from my own head. And it might not be wise. I haven’t traveled this parenting road long enough to know.

When one of the girls behaves in such a way that I need to correct their behavior, sometimes their response is less than ideal. Excessive and dramatic tears, screaming, or running away was not common, but it happened, especially during the toddler years. And usually it happened on a day when I was exhausted, sick or waiting for the furnace repair man and the plumber. And when my energy was at its lowest it was tempting to say, “Fine, you can play longer.” Or I will just pick up this toy myself. Or I will just ignore the tone of voice you used to speak to me.

At this point my brain would kick into high gear and start chanting, “Win this battle.” I know, it sounds silly. Parents are not in a competition with their kids to see who can be stubborn the longest. But the saying originated in my head when I started picturing what these tantrums would look like at thirteen or worse, at sixteen. If I wanted to avoid such an ugly scene, I needed to win the battle. Before putting on your battle armor, double check you heart that your expectations are reasonable and pleasing to the Lord. ┬áIf motivations are good, the thought of winning a battle (for the future) always gave me enough energy to insist on obedience and to follow through with discipline if it was required.

What do you say to yourself to keep going when the parenting gets tough?

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